Simran Spa

Unique relaxing spa therapy with an aromatic body to body massage candle made from fragrant warm essential oils that includes gentle peeling of the whole body or back.

About Simran Spa

Simran Spa

It is a center that, following old and new concepts, helps its clients to find well-being offering them to improve in less developed aspects and thus balance mind, body and spirit.

That is why in their system they divide the practices into 3 great structures: martial art, Chinese yoga and well-being.

Out stress with a relax body to body massage spa centres and parlours in lajpat nagar delhi!

The tension accumulated in your back is causing your day to day to become more and more uphill … do not let it go any further! To do so, you will only have to reserve a space in your agenda to put yourself in the hands of the professionals of Simran Body Spa. In just 50 minutes, you will notice how your body relaxes and those discomforts disappear.

The purpose of this massage is to alleviate the psychophysical consequences (physical and emotional) that stress generates, persistent and present in the day to day. It fixes its attention in unloading the accumulated tension, it is applied of slow form and with a firm and progressive pressure. Its effect is relaxation through a non-aggressive contact by the person who applies it.

During the session there will be a massage on the whole body, starting with the feet, continuing along the legs, back, arms, neck and ending on the face.

A relaxing body to body massage in lajpat nagar delhi aimed, mainly, at healthy people who do not suffer any concrete injury or muscular fatigue due to overstrain. Treat yourself to health and let yourself be pampered at Simran Spa!


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